MatEdU Merges with the National Micro Nanotechnology Education Center (MNT-EC)

Editor’s Note: Our domain remains the same: Materials Education (MatEdU) 

See Update note at end of post for Official Statement from MatEdU Team.

Materials Education site domain will stay same

The Online Instructional Resources for Material Science Technology Education (MatEdU), a pioneering NSF Advanced Technological Education funded project has greatly impacted the landscape of materials science education, is poised to embark on an exhilarating new journey. MatEdU is excited to announce its merger with the esteemed National Micro Nanotechnology Education Center (MNT-EC), marking a significant milestone in its mission to advance materials technology education at a national scale.

Housed at Edmonds College, MatEdU has been a nucleus of industry, education, and community collaboration, continuously addressing materials technology workforce needs. Our strategic transition to the National Micro Nanotechnology Education Center will not only broaden our platform but also enhance our ability to continue to serve as a resource on a national level.

MatEdU’s record of robust collaborations and its potent blend of curriculum resources have served to augment materials technology programs at technical colleges nationwide. We have succeeded in creating an expansive national network of industry and educational professionals and in pioneering various projects that have promoted materials science on a national scale.

Our dedicated team, led by Principal Investigator Mel Cossette, Co-PIs Tom Stoebe and Cynthia Howell, and Senior Secretary Eliana Pesola, will continue to champion our mission at the National Micro Nanotechnology Education Center (MNT-EC). This move signifies a new horizon in our journey, promising to elevate our capacity to impart materials technology education.

As we transition into this new chapter, we reiterate our commitment to our mission and vision. Our aspiration to advance materials technology education nationally now stands poised to impact an even larger audience. Our aim to serve as a hub for collaboration across industry, education, and community will resonate within the NSF-Funded,  National Micro Nanotechnology Education Center (MNT-EC), facilitating a wider conversation on addressing materials technology workforce needs.

To our partners, collaborators, and supporters, we extend our heartfelt appreciation for your role in our journey thus far. This merger represents not an end, but the dawn of a new era, brimming with potential and promise. As we forge ahead, we invite you to join us in this exciting evolution as we continue to advance the frontiers of materials technology education.

For updates on this exciting transition and other initiatives, please know that the MatEdU website will change a little, but the core resources will remain and new ones will be added.

Let’s embrace the future together.

NOTE: As we migrate our site and content to MNT-EC, you will continue to find the  Materials Education and Science Resources at its usual domain: Materials Education (MatEdU) >> If and when that changes, we will keep our readers informed or redirect the site properly. Thank you for all your support and encouragement over the years.

Update 13AUG2023: We published an official statement from the MatEdU Team, Partners, and National Advisory Board. If you want a PDF version of this statement that you can share with your institution or colleagues, you can download it here: Materials Technology Education: Just Getting Started. This link will automatically start a PDF download process, so please look in your normal downloads folder to find a copy. It is also available as a news post here.