Materials Washington is an alliance of community and technical colleges working to enhance the competitiveness of Washington’s workforce in the area of materials technology, and of Washington’s materials industry. The alliance enhances the competitiveness of Washington’s materials workforce by providing innovative training for students, faculty and the incumbent workforce using industry-focused curriculum and state-of-the-art technology.

Through the NSF ATE-funded project, Online Instructional Resources for Material Science Technology Education (MatEdU), Materials Washington collaborates with JCDREAM,, the Joint Center for Deployment and Research in Earth-Abundant Materials. JCDREAM is a Washington State-funded program focused on new technologies related to transportation and clean energy generation. JCDREAM works with MatEdU by helping to develop educational modules that enhance the opportunity for technology and science teachers at middle and high schools and colleges to introduce students to the issues and applications of critical, rare earth and abundant materials and their applications in our modern technology. Educational Modules developed in conjunction with JCDREAM. Each of the Modules is available in full on the MatEdU Modules page