TEAMM – Technician Education in Additive Manufacturing & Materials

As 3D captures the world’s imagination, materials are becoming a vital component for wide spread adoption of 3D technology. The numerous materials utilized by these machines, as well as the continued innovation of new materials to produce next generation products, will be required to move this technology into the homes of consumers and expand commercial production. As industry and academicians work to improve printer capabilities, they will combine multiple materials and create new materials to advance additive manufacturing capabilities. Technician education must keep pace with the rapid developments in the fields of additive manufacturing and materials science. With the emerging industry needs, it is apparent that AM skills and knowledge are a sought-after skill at the Technician level. Technician Education in Additive Manufacturing and Materials (TEAMM) is establishing a sustainable Coordination Network uniting stakeholders who have existing networks that will be utilized to support the project, focused around materials as a common ground. The goal is to work together to ensure that technician education meets industry standards as identified by ASTM. TEAMM will improve access to instructional tools and curriculum, such as the classroom-ready modules, videos and resources freely available on our site.
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