Core Competencies

Core competencies provide a set of performance indicators that technicians, scientists, engineers, educators and technologists need to know in today's advanced manufacturing environment to be able to accomplish in their work. Delineating core competencies assists educators in determining subjects that the technology student needs to attain the required depth of proficiency The National Resource Center for Materials Technology Education partners with business, education, government, professional organizations, and the community to provide curriculum resources in materials technology to strengthen the engineering and advanced manufacturing workforce in the U.S

Manufacturing Technology

perform functions associated with production that may include: operations, equipment, processing, inspection and assembly

Materials Science Technician

test the behavior of materials under different conditions to help develop new products and improve the performance of existing ones

Marine Technician

(or shipbuilding technicians) design, build, service and repair boats and ships. They might also carry out maintenance on offshore platforms, drilling machinery and equipment


design and build devices and materials on a tiny scale. Applications cover a broad spectrum of areas from medicine to electronics and robotics

Corrosion Technician

use different methods to test the properties of materials and components, and to check for faults and analyze potential corrosives

Additive Manufacturing Technician

use a computer, 3D modeling software (Computer Aided Design or CAD), machine equipment and layering material to use liquid, powder, sheet material or other, in a layer-upon-layer fashion to fabricate a 3D object

Additive Manufacturing - Military Applications for Technicians

The Regional Additive Manufacturing Partnership of Maryland (RAMP MD) and the US Army have a unique partnership to provide 3D Printing resources to businesses and organizations looking to adopt additive manufacturing technologies

Guitar Building Institute

Use technical skills to create new musical instruments or repair ones that have been damaged. Teach others using the required STEM principles

Design Drafting Technicians

Basic Competencies for technician work in design drafting including technical drawing, CAD, AutoCAD, GD&T and rapid prototyping

Medical Devices Technician

Technicians build and repair medical support devices and should be adept with hand tools, have strong attention to detail and take pride in crafting devices that add quality to the lives of patients
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